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Vidyaya amrutham ashnuthe

Smt. BhageerathiBai and Shri Narayana Rao Maanays’ service in the cause of the old age people, orphans, sick, under privileged and backward sections of society, seen in most of the places in Bangalore,  recorded from as early as Nineteen hundred and twenties is highly appreciable. Be it Malleshwaram SevaSadan, the B H S Education Society, The Ashaktha Poshaka Sabha, the Little Sisters of the Poor or the Kidwai Memorial Cancer Hospital another similar organizations in Bangalore; we can find evidence of their goodwill.These acts of theirs were never to be revealed as desired by them since they were of the opinion "Do a good deed and forget it. But remember only the wrong that has taken place and try to overcome it."

Highlights at BNM

  • A prayer Room at a focal point which symbolizes the eternal presence of God within the Campus.
  • Excellent infrastructure facilities equipped with well furnished Class Rooms, Laboratories and Teaching Aids, dedicated to each stream to create and disseminate Knowledge.
  • Vision & Mission

  • To develop globally respected leaders, principled and inspiring performers and decision makers by all round grooming, focusing on the physical,psychological, intellectual and spiritual development of our students.
  • To reach beyond the stars through the pursuit of excellence.
  • Admissions Open for the year 2020-21.